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About Nathan

Nathan Sennett is an Indie Artist / Worship Leader whose goal is to create a meeting place for people to connect with the Lord. He's more than just a singer—he's a storyteller, writing songs that weave biblical truths with layers of lyrical richness that resonate deep within the soul.

Born into a musical family and raised with a love for Christian music, Nathan soon found himself with a pen in his hand and a melody in his heart. His journey from a shy, quiet pastor’s kid to a bold and passionate musician is a testament to the transformative power of grace. This God-given voice became an instrument and the guitar soon became an extension of Nathan’s heart…together becoming a vessel through which prayers are whispered and praises lifted high.

Nathan shares real lyrics about real life and real faith. Infused with hope and encouragement, they speak directly to the hungry hearts of listeners craving authenticity in a world full of noise. He desires to communicate the goodness of God wherever he goes - one song at a time. And Nathan’s ministry extends far beyond the stage. He regularly leads worship for soldiers at chapel services at Fort Moore, GA, bringing comfort and strength to those who serve our country. Nathan and his beautiful wife Rachel reside in Columbus, GA with their 2 cats.

Recently, his song "March On" emerged as a powerful anthem of resilience and conviction, capturing the essence of his unwavering faith. And new tunes are on the horizon, so keep an eye out for Nathan’s upcoming releases!

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